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Privacy & Data

Here at Clonmel Foot Clinic, we look after your data and act responsibly, within the GDPR regulations and to professional guidelines.
This web site is for information only.
For any foot related problems, at all times, we recommend you make an appointment with a qualified podiatrist / chiropodist.

Privacy and Your Data
Your data is held at Clonmel Foot Clinic ™ for the purposes of healthcare treatment and to ensure best practise and care for you, our patient.
We do not share your data with anyone, other than when you may request us to liaise with other healthcare professionals, such as your GP.
We may from time to time communicate via letter, email of sms text to keep you advised of clinic updates, appointment details and to ensure regular check-ups and maintaining our high standards of care.

Your data - how do we use it?
Your data is never shared with anyone or anybody outside of the clinic (unless you explicitly agree, such as when it is necessary to contact and share information with your GP); we take your name and contact details when you call us to inquire and/or make an appointment, we collect your clinical / health related details whilst attending our surgery, and use them only to help us carry our treatments, further appointments, and to contact you when necessary to ensure we are doing all we can for your footcare. All information relating to your health and appointments are kept within the secure clinic records system, and (names and contact numbers only) in our appointments system.

Who sees My Data?
No-one except your clinical podiatrist sees you health-related information; the appointment secretary of course has access to name, telephone and appointment details. You may ask for a written summary of the details we hold on you at any time, and at no cost to you. We may contact you regarding your health, appointments, or medical / footcare matters from time to time, to ensure we are giving you the best level of service.

How do we collect your data?
In terms of the new General Data Protection Regulations, it is simple in that we hold records on existing and past patients, not prospective patients, and your data is held only as a result of you, or someone on your behalf, calling the client to make an appointment offering details, and/or have subsequently attended the clinic, and are therefore formally recorded as a ‘patient’. Both actions are simple examples of explicit consent.

Facebook page
Our Facebook page allows us to connect through Facebook, with patients and the public alike; we do not use contact information directly from Facebook, other than to let the wider community know about our clinic and its treatments. We adhere to Facebooks terms and conditions and no bookings or other information is taken from Facebook and held elsewhere; people who have ‘liked’ or otherwise interact with our Facebook presence have given their express consent to this and to receive occasional updates from the clinic.

This website
At present, we do not ask nor take any details from you when you visit this website.
We promise to keep you details safe, and used only to help us, help you, to maintain a healthy life.
The Clonmel Foot Clinic does not accept any responsibility for information used in this site. The clinic or its staff or owner will not be held liable for any use of information herein.
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